Worship at St. Alban’s

Celebrations on Sundays at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m.

Children are welcome at all our services.
Childcare is available during the second service.

Readings for Sundays and Holy Days

Read more about the Revised Common Lectionary on The Episcopal Church website. Look up texts of readings on The Lectionary Page.

Reflect on the seasons of the year – and how we celebrate them.

O Christ, the Master Carpenter
who, at the last, through wood and nails
purchased our whole salvation:
Wield well your tools
in the workshop of your world,
so that we,
who come rough-hewn to your bench,
may here be fashioned
to a truer beauty of your hand.

(Arthur Gray Butler (1831-1909)

Resources for Worship

The Bible

About the NRSV

The Book of Common Prayer



Herbert O’Driscoll