Altar Guild

St. Monica’s Altar Guild is one of the hospitality ministries of the Church. We make sure the bread and wine are ready for the priest to consecrate. We care for all the linens, wash and dry the dishes, and set the flowers and candles so the community feels how special the Eucharist is each week.

We celebrate the important happenings in our Corporate life as a Church — Baptisms, Confirmation, Weddings, visits from the Bishop, Funerals. It is more than just a sisterhood because we do encourage men to join us as well. We are divided into four teams to cover all the services throughout the year and you can chose to serve at 8:00 or 10:30am on Sundays.

Each team decides on a time to set-up for Sunday, either Friday or Saturday. If you would like to see “up close and personal” what we do, email either Judy Kistner, or Karen Ford, or call the Parish office @ 425-778-0371.

Even helping us clear the Altar after each service would be very helpful.