Around the Parish – May 15, 2016

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As of May 15, 2016

Current News & Events from St. Alban’s Parish
in the City of Edmonds, Snohomish County, Washington

St. Alban’s seeks to be a welcoming Christ-centered community committed to sharing Christ love – empowering people to grow spiritually, deepening our relationship with Christ and living out our faith in the community and the world.


5/16     7:00pm, Boy Scouts, Parish Hall
5/17     10:00-11:30am, Bible Study, Parish Hall
5/18     6:30pm, Soup Supper, Parish Hall
5/19     6:00pm, Boy Scouts, Parish Hall
5/20     4:00-7:00pm, Eagle Scouts, Parish Hall
5/21     1:00-8:00pm, Private Party, Parish Hall & Kitchen
5/23     6:30pm, Girl Scouts, Sunday School
_____ 7pm, Boy Scouts, Parish Hall
5/24     10:00-11:30am, Bible Study, Parish Hall
_____ 6:30-9:30pm, Girl Scouts, Parish Hall
5/30     7pm, Boy Scouts, Parish Hall
5/31     10-11:30am, Bible Study, Parish Hall
Sundays   9:15am, Bible Study, Annex


    • +May 18, 6:30pm, Soup Supper
    • +June 11, 5:00pm, Baseball with the Bishop
    • +June 15, 6:30pm, Soup Supper
    • +June 25,  St. Alban’s Celebration,  5-7pm
    • +June 26, Legacy Sunday
    • +August 7, Annual Picnic, Edmonds Park

In honor of Mothers Day,
the 10:30am service on May 8 was delighted
with special servers at communion.
Thank you, Lucy and Lila Finnell!

Help us make those Backpacks “Bottomless”
Help us fill the containers in the Parish Hall for our Bottomless Backpack project. Some kids at Cedar Lake Community School miss the free breakfasts and lunches provided by their school during summer break. Donations of boxed cereal, cereal/snack bars, canned fruits, Spaghetti-O’s, cup-o-noodles are great items and a big opportunity for us to help!

Pentecost — May 15
— Father Greg Peters

Pentecost Feast of – and for — many Tongues!
Sunday, May 15, is the Feast of the Pentecost, when we celebrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Universal Church and the multitudes of peoples, cultures and perspectives that make it up.
We will start with a Feast of Tongues. During worship, we’ll hear prayers and readings (both long and short) in many tongues. Several people have already signed up to share their gifts of other languages. There is still time to join in the fun; even if you can only say a short phrase – “Receive the Holy Spirit” – in a language other than English, it will make our worship more joyous. If you are able to read something a little longer, please let Fr. Greg know, and we’ll find a passage of scripture, a prayer or an invocation for you.
Afterward, we’ll have a Feast for Tongues. The feasting continues with a Pentecost Potluck for us to share after each service. Please bring something from your family, cultural or traditional background to share as we celebrate the rich diversity that is the church. Main dishes, sides, desserts, drinks, finger food, old family recipes, family favorites, the newest recipe you just tried out last week and loved, something from your own cultural background, something regional, from an adopted culture – all are welcomed!!
We’re celebrating us because God celebrates, calls and sends us all.


Soup Supper and
Where is the Church in the 21st-Century
          — Maryellen Young

Starting at the April 20th Soup Supper and continuing at the May and June Soup Suppers, Maryellen Young is sharing some information she has learned about The Unknown Future of the Church in the 21st Century from books she and others have been reading. A copy of the April 10 talk is available in the Parish Hall. Portions of it will be condensed in Around the Parish. This is Part 2 of the April 10 talk:  “Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening” by Diana Butler Bass is concerned with religion and change—specifically how Christianity in the United States is  changing and how people are questioning conventional patterns of faith and belief.
Once upon a time, religion was a “norm,” an accepted pattern of life.  In 1999 a Gallup poll asked Americans whether people understood themselves as spiritual or religious. In 2009 the same questions were asked. Those identifying themselves as “spiritual only” at 30% or   “neither spiritual nor religious” at 9% did not change in that 10 year time period. However, those identifying themselves as “religious  only” dropped from 54% to 9%, and those identifying themselves as “both spiritual and religious” grew from 6% to 48%. This survey demonstrates the significantly changing    opinions about religion and spirituality in just a 10 year period. This book helped me understand that the nature of church is changing, but there are still no answers as to what it will look like.
After World War II, as new suburban housing developments spread across America,  denominations purchased land, and went door-to-door looking for people moving in and invited them to join the new church. That’s how St. Alban’s got started.
But that’s not the world we live in any more. This cultural shift is not our fault. There is nothing we could have done or can do to reverse the cultural changes that have come upon us. It is much bigger than any of us. The realities facing the church today are complex and ambiguous, realities for which there are no quick and ready-made solutions.
Plan on joining us at the May 18th Soup Supper to continue the conversation.

Project Homeless Connect
Project Homeless Connect is our next Hands-On outreach project. The YWCA is collecting toiletries to provide services for people experiencing homelessness. They are most in need of:

  • Soap
  • Body wash
  • Lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Washcloths
  • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner
  • Razors for shaving (for both men and women )

Save the Dates
The weekend of June 25-26 we celebrate St. Alban’s.

There will be an Appetizer and Wine Party (other beverages also available) in celebration of St. Alban’s on Saturday, June 25, in St. Alban’s Parish Hall from 5:00-7:00pm. John Lehrack will provide background music for our enjoyment that evening.
On Sunday, June 26, we will continue the celebration of St. Alban’s with a service to honor our patron Saint Alban, whose feast day is June 22, and recognize Legacy Society members. Please let us know if you have remembered St. Alban’s in your will, estate plans or direct gift to the endowment fund so you can be recognized as a member of St   Alban’s Legacy Society.

Basket Donation Schedule
For those who prefer to donate by check to the basket collections, we will periodically publish the schedule of where the special   collections are destined. This will allow you to write your checks prior to the services.

  • 1st week of month – food bank
  • 2nd week of month – discretionary fund
  • 3rd week of month – outreach

Wonderful Congregation!         
     – Lee Forsberg
This month’s donations for food bank baskets approached the value of about $400 for the first two weeks of the month. This is such a big help to people who are pressed to put food on their tables for their families. It is such a wonderful personal mission when you bring a donation for the baskets, and it makes them so happy that the people of St. Alban’s are so generous. Thanks to all of you! Lots of families will have food and nourishment because of your great generosity.

(NOTE: Below are a couple of letters of thanks for our donations to the food banks.)


Dear St. Alban’s Episcopal Church,

     We wish you to know how deeply appreciative we are for your most caring and   generous donation. The food you thereby provide aids our community neighbors who are hurting. The vital nourishment which they receive is of paramount importance, of course. Additionally, they sense a lessening of the burden they feel, and may also glimpse a ray of hope. Over time, this encouragement and help may lead some to a firmer footing, and perhaps to self-sustenance. In the meantime, the need continues.

     We are extremely grateful for your help over the years, and know that it is due to this and the help from others throughout the area that the work of feeding the hungry can be successfully undertaken

     Thank you for the blessing you are to this mission!  Wishing you a happy continuation of our lovely Spring.

                   – Carol Row Memorial Food Bank


Dear Parishioners,

     Just last week we received a heartfelt thank you note from a client. She wanted to take the time to thank us for helping her and her children stay in their home with food on the table. She expressed how grateful she was that our staff was able to help her and her family through a trying time without

ordeal or embarrassment. Words can hardly express how touched we were to have

received this note. It’s always a very special day at North Helpline when our clients share their personal stories with us.

     You make moments like this possible through your donations to North Helpline. Thank you from all of us for all you do to support families like Allison’s. Your donations allowed us to increase the amount of food we are able to distribute. In March we distributed 130,000 lbs! That is an increase of 18% over last year.

     Services like these are crucial to families struggling to stay in their homes and for those transitioning out of homelessness. Thank you for your donation of $500.00.

               – Kelly Brown
               Executive Director, North Helpline


May 15 – The Feast of Pentecost
Psalm 104 says in part, “All of them look to you to give them their food in due season. You give it to them…you open your hand and they are filled with good things.” How’s that for a faithful steward’s reason to always and everywhere give thanks? God gives us everything we have – how can we thank Him adequately except by returning a faithful share of all those gifts to Him and to others in His name?

May 22 – Trinity Sunday
Romans:5 says in part, “It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to your Name, O Most High.” And that’s what a grateful steward strives to do….always and everywhere to give thanks for the multitude of blessings that have been poured upon us.

May 29 – Pentecost 2
“Give us those things which are profitable for us…” And that does not mean financially profitable (though some of that may be included), but rather those gifts that will guide our souls into a deeper relationship with our   Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier….now that’s profitable in a big way


May 15 – Day of Pentecost
Acts 2:1-21 or Genesis 11:1-9
Romans 8:14-17 or Acts 2:1-21
John 14:8-17, (25-27)
8:00     Lector:  Jeff Tobin
Ecumenical Minister: Phil McClelland
10:30   Lector: John Lehrack
Ecumenical Minister: Susie Nichols

May 22 – Trinity Sunday
Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31, Psalm 8
Romans 5:1-5, John 16:12-15
8:00     Lector: Howard Hayden
Ecumenical Minister: Shannon Duggan
10:30   Lector: Karen Ford
Ecumenical Minister:  Reilly Mannery

May 29 – Pentecost 2
I Kings 8:22-23, 41-43, Psalm 96:1-9
Galatians 1:1-12, Luke 7:1-10
8:00     Lector: Jim Gilman
Ecumenical Minister: Susie Nichols
10:30   Lector: Shirley Clark
Ecumenical Minister: Mary Fowler

June 5 –Pentecost 3
1 Kings: 17:17-24, Psalm 30
Galatians 1:11-24; Luke 7:11-17
8:00     Lector: Sharon Joy
Ecumenical Minister: Jeff Tobin
10:30   Lector: Stephen Hayden
Ecumenical Minister: Claudia Walker

June 12 – Pentecost 4
2 Samuel 11:26-12:10, 13-15, Psalm 32
Galatians 2:15-21; Luke 7:36-8:
8:00     Lector: Shannon Duggan
Ecumenical Minister: Howard Hayden
10:30   Lector: Shirley Clark
Ecumenical Minister: Reilly Mannery

Also serving as Crucifer/Acolyte
   1st Sunday at 10:30: Sam Wells
   Other Sundays at 10:30: Emily Goergen 




   The person(s) to contact about putting an article in the Around the Parish or the Bulletin are Judy Kistner or Susie Nichols for the ATP and John Lehrack for the Bulletin.

   Please send your information to the office via email or contact the above.

   ATP articles need to be received by the 12 or 26 of each month. Articles for the Bulletin need to be received by Tuesday each week.

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