Annual Meeting Report – Ministries 2014

St. Alban’s Ministry List   2014

MINISTRY Primary Contact Vestry Liaison (2014)
Altar Guild
Liturgical Service / EM-  Lectors
Hem of His Garment
Prayer Chain
Kären Ford
Reilly Mannery
Rita Bennett
Sheila Reidburn
Fr. Bob Dunn
Dan Mullene
Faith Formation/ Education:
Adult Education
Eric Hanson
Carrie Cone
Carrie Cone
Buildings and Grounds:
Buildings and Grounds Lee Forsberg Kären Ford
Communications, Website Roger Andersen Roger Andersen
Finance Committee
Endowment Fund / Planned Giving
Human Resources
Morrie Tugby
Eric Hanson
Maryellen Young
Episcopal Church Women Hospitality ConnieForsberg
Evie Arneson
Phil McClelland
Hands On Committee Maryellen Young Liz Bee
Stewardship Maryellen Young Maryellen Young
Vestry/Convention Delegates Dan Mullene Dan Mullene

St. Alban’s 2015 Annual Meeting
Ministry Reports (combined)

2015 Altar Guild Report: Provided by Judy Kistner

Altar Guild is a ministry of service to our church and of assistance to our priest.   It is our responsibility to insure the church sanctuary is properly prepared for services. Our members also minister to each other by sharing concerns and offering prayers for each other. It is a sisterhood that brings us closer together.

Preparation of the Lord’s Table for communion each week is accomplished by teams of women who insure the altar is properly prepared with the appropriate seasonal colors, linens laundered and ready for use, candles maintained, and brass and silver are polished. Altar Guild also coordinates flowers for services as donated by members of the parish. Each team meets for set-up at a mutually convenient time to perform our duties, which requires about one hour. We meet frequently during the year to discuss and plan for upcoming special services and to insure the necessary supplies are on hand.

We encourage you to consider joining Altar Guild. Attend one of our meetings to learn more about our activities.

2015 Annual Meeting Priest’s Report: Provided by Fr. Bob Dunn

My time with the St. Alban’s Family has been brief and filled by Advent and Christmas worship. However, I have enjoyed the opportunities to meet many of you on a more personal level. Some of this has been due to illness or some other crisis, while much has been on more happy occasions. No matter the initial reasons, I have found all of you to be “faith-filled” and ready to trust God and to celebrate your life with Jesus. What I have heard is that this church and the people of St. Alban’s mean a lot to you, past, present and future. Praise God!

Your Vestry, in addition to working on all of the “business” part of the church that must be cared for at this time of year, took some extra time to talk and listen to some of the hopes and prayers they have for the future of this church family. Wonderful ideas were given voice as well as some concerns. We will continue to sort and prioritize and we are offering them to God in prayer. As they begin to come into clearer focus the Vestry will be asking for responses from all of you. Perhaps as soon as the Annual Meeting.

On January 25th we will very prayerfully select the church leadership for 2015 and beyond. I believe that God is calling these people to this ministry and the Holy Spirit will bless them with the gifts of ministry and leadership. Please pray for God’s will as they are called and as they seek wisdom to lead this church.

2015 Hands On Committee Report: Provided by Maryellen Young

St. Alban’s Hands On activities provide us an opportunity to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us by sharing our time, our money, our resources, our food and cooking for others in need.   These activities are a chance for us to reach out and share God’s love ministering to the needs of the community beyond St. Alban’s doors.


  • keep it simple,
  • allow for one-time activities that don’t require a major time or organizing commitment,
  • collect specific items that people can buy or donate money for a specific purpose
  • fellowship while we work

Food Bank:

We have volunteered at the North Helpline Food Bank in Lake City in January 25th, March 29th, June 28th and September 20th. Thanks to Phyllis Becker, Doris Kennedy, Monica Martin, Reilly Mannery, Pam Pomeroy and Maryellen Young who have been volunteers at this effort.

Compass Center Dinners:

We held Compass Center dinners on February 9, May 18, August 24 and November 13. Each time we serve up to 25 Veterans who really appreciate our cooking. Sometimes Helki is able to join us to visit with our guests too. Thanks to JoAn Andenes, Evie Arneson, Susan Bailey, Rita Bennett, Kären Ford, Connie and Lee Forsberg, Carol and Ken Hicks, Melissa Hicks, Barb Lagozzino, Georgia and Keith LaBelle, Reilly Mannery, Dan Mullene, Susie and Jim Nichols, Lorrie Pruitt, Gaylord Sisk, Wendra Vaughan Claudia Walker, Shirley and Dave Wilson, Maryellen Young for donating time, food, money.

Community Schools Support:

Cedar Valley is a multi-culture community with a high percentage of students participating in the reduced lunch program. In May we purchased books for a third grade class. Thanks to JoAn Andes, Susan Bailey, Phyllis Becker, Shirley Clark, Mary Fowler, Carol Gordon, Barb Halterman, Cheryl Healy, The Hicks Family, Barb Lagozzino, Lila McDonald, Reilly Mannery, Dan Mullene, Susie Nichols, Lorraine Parks, The Perry Family, Carol Sodetani, Jacob Vaughan, Shirley and Dave Wilson and Maryellen Young for the donations. People were able to choose a particular student’s desired book and we added a label stating the book was from the people of St. Alban’s. Mary Perry and her daughter-in-law made bookmarks. For some students, this was the first book of their very own.

Chase Lake

This September we collected food for the Bottomless Backpack program for Chase Lake Community School. We made at least 5 deliveries of collected items. In addition, we donated $500 from the Outreach Fund in support of the program.

At Christmas we collected $980 which was matched with $500 from the Outreach Fund for a total of $1480 to purchase Fred Meyer Gift Cards for Christmas. In addition we received an additional $180 which will purchase gift cards to be used as needed. 

Looking to the Future:

Hands On has been operating for over 10 years now. During that time we have met quarterly to plan projects, trying to have about a project a month. The North Helpline Food Bank and Compass Center dinners have been our signature projects.

We’ve also collected items for a variety of causes and helped local area schools. The committee has decided to take a step back for now. We’ll be operating on more of an ad-hoc basis.

If anyone is interested in getting involved, contact committee members Dan Mullene, Barbara Lagozzino, Reilly Mannery, Lorrie Pruitt or Maryellen Young.

Next Projects Dates: Food Bank — March 28th

We try to recognize those who participate, but if we’ve missed your name, we apologize!

The Enabling Resolutions for the Endowment Fund designate that the Fund shall be managed as a true endowment employing the restriction that the principal shall not be invaded.   Each year the trustees of the Endowment Fund make a recommendation of the amount of money available for distribution based the value of the fund as of June 30th using a 3-year rolling average. In addition to earnings, inflation is taken into consideration in order to preserve the purchasing power of the fund as defined by the Spending Rules for the Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund monies are invested with the Diocesan Investment Fund.

The Endowment Board has recommended that the money be designated as available for distribution, but remain in the Diocesan Investment Fund until an approved purpose has been identified and the funds are needed. Because of multiple years of retained distributions, the Endowment Board has recommended and the Vestry has approved that a separate Diocesan Investment Fund be created for just distributions.   At the 12-3-2014 Endowment Board meeting $42,410 was identified as the amount to be transferred to the new fund to cover distributions for 2012, 2013 and 2014 with interest.

This fall we received a gift from the estate of former parishioner Rock Roth, in the amount of $3,333.33. The gift is to be deposited as follows: 25% or $833.33 to the Memorial Fun and 75% or $2500 to the Kay Castro Endowment Fund per the Gift Acceptance Policy.

When funds are available for distribution, the Enabling Resolution of the Endowment Fund defines how the funds can be used:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the purpose of this Fund is to enable the Parish to more completely fulfill its mission by developing its ministries beyond what is possible through its annual operating funds, and therefore that distributions from the fund shall be limited to

  1. Capital needs of the Parish
  2. Outreach ministries and grants
  3. Seed money for new ministries and special one-time projects
  4. Such other purposes or programs as are specifically restricted by donors to the Parish whose gifts are included in the Fund (the Vestry will concur prior to acceptance of the gift to ensure that the Parish can faithfully honor the donor’s restricted purpose);

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that distributions from the Fund shall not be made to the operating budget of the Parish;

The St. Alban’s Legacy Society was inaugurated on June 6, 2010 with 12 founding members and 2 founding bequests. As of Legacy Sunday in 2014 we a total of 15 individual or couples as members of the Legacy Society.   A perpetual plaque has been created that is updated each year on Legacy Sunday to be held near St. Alban’s Day.

On the Saturday before Legacy Sunday, the Endowment Board hosted a wine and appetizer event to recognize members of the Legacy Society.

If you have remembered St. Alban’s in your estate plans, please notify a member of the Endowment Board.


Eric Hanson, Chair: through 9/2015
Mary Fowler, Secretary: through 9/2017
Barbara Lagozzino: through 9/2015
Keith LaBelle, Treasurer: through 9/2016
Morrie Tugby: through9/2016
Dan Mullene: Secretary, ad hoc
Maryellen Young: ex offico

In closing the report, the Board would like to remember late parishioner Clare Fisher with gratitude, as it is because of her gifts to St. Alban’s that we were able to establish the endowment fund which makes the funds and resultant distributions possible.

2015 Liturgical Ministries Report: Provided by Reilly Mannery

The Liturgical Ministries are those centered around the Eucharist that assist the priest in serving the parish. We serve under his direction.

The variety of support includes: Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors that take communion to homebound, Crucifers that process with the cross, Acolytes, Lectors that read the lesson, and Worship Leaders that lead special events.

We at St. Alban’s are fortunate to have a small but faithful core of such ministers that serve at both 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. services, and sometimes during the week.

If you are considering what our Lord may be calling you to step out in faith and try this year, please talk with Father Bob Dunn or Reilly Mannery.



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