Safeguarding God’s Children

The unfortunate reality of our lives today is that we must be ever-vigilant and intentional in making our church communities safe for the most vulnerable among us. For this reason, the Diocese of Olympia recently instituted a requirement for both the Safeguarding God’s Children (SDG) curriculum and background checks for all those who work with children, have responsibility for the preparation of children’s ministries or are in proximity to children at the church at any time.

The online version is especially geared for vestries, bishop’s committee members, parents who occasionally transport children, new hires (until the in-person training is available), retired clergy who are not on a regular rota, Diocesan House employees who do not work with children and any others who may be interested in this training.

The in-person training is still required for all active clergy, all paid employees, any persons (paid or unpaid) regularly working with youth, and Sunday school teachers and nursery attendants.


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