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Planning Your Wedding at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church


Holy Matrimony is one of the sacraments of the church. We believe that it is God who unites a couple in marriage. The service is an act of worship during which a man and a woman make promises to each other. According to the rules of our Church, at least one of the persons must be baptized and at least one of the families must have some connection with St. Alban’s, with the Episcopal Church, with the local community. Normally those wishing to be married at St. Alban’s should be members of the parish, attending the worship regularly. No date and time for the marriage may be announced until the couple has met with the Rector and he has agreed to officiate. At least thirty days notice has to be given.

Previous marriage: If either of the couple have been married before, the priest is required to ascertain the circumstances of the previous marriage. If there was a divorce, consent must be obtained from the Episcopal Bishop of Olympia. A minimum of six weeks is required for this step.

The marriage license is issued by Snohomish County, 3000 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, WA 98201.  (For further information, call 425-388-3411 or 1-800-562-4367). The license must be brought to the rehearsal or deposited with the Rector 24 hours before the wedding. There cannot be a marriage without a valid license.

Couples should contact the church office at least one month before the wedding, stating the number of attendants and the name of the florist. Altar flowers for a Saturday wedding are left upon the altar for Sunday services. Other flowers are to be removed immediately after the wedding. Only those candles upon the altar may be used.

Music: The couple is responsible for contacting the church organist if they wish to have any music at their wedding. If other instrumentalists are desired, their fees are additional. If there is to be any music at the service, a “bench fee” is payable to the church organist. The organist does not normally come to the rehearsal. If any rehearsal is required with the musicians, the organist receives an additional fee. The choice of music should be suitable for an act of worship. The organist has the responsibility of approving the final selection.

The service will normally take place in the church and the order of service will be from the Book of Common Prayer of The Episcopal Church. In exceptional cases, the clergy may be willing to officiate elsewhere. There will usually be three meetings with the clergy before the rehearsal. With the Rector’s permission, other clergy may be invited to take part in the service.

Photographs may be taken before or after the service but not during the service. The photographer may take photographs of the bridal party entering the church from the rear of the nave. The couple should ensure that their photographer and their guests understand this policy. Remember that marriage is an act of worship.

The lighting of a Unity Candle is not part of the Episcopal marriage service. No runner will be used down the central aisle. Confetti, rice or birdseed is not permitted inside or out. The use of alcoholic beverages on the premises is prohibited. The service will be cancelled if a member of the wedding party appears intoxicated at either the rehearsal or the ceremony.

Out of courtesy to your guests, and those from the congregation who are giving their time to make the wedding happen, the wedding party is requested to arrive promptly for the rehearsal and also for the wedding ceremony. If the time of the rehearsal needs to be changed please notify the priest at least 24 hours in advance.

Those who are communicant members of the church may have the Eucharist at their wedding. A normal wedding service lasts 40 minutes without the Eucharist, and 55 minutes with the Eucharist. Allow extra time for elaborate entries and for photographs. The Church seats about 150 people.

Since the bridal party normally returns to the sanctuary for photographs after the service, it usually works best to have the receiving line at the reception. In consideration of your guests, photography after the service should not go on longer than 30 minutes.

The Blessing of a Domestic Partnership falls under these same policies.


Fees are paid at the rehearsal, which normally takes place the evening before the wedding. Please write one check payable to: St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.

Pledging Members – no reception: $200 ($150 Organist, $50 Altar Guild)

Pledging Members – with reception: $250 ($150 Organist, $50 Altar Guild, $50 Reception Committee)

Non-Pledging Members – no reception: $275 ($150 Organist, $50 Altar Guild, $75 Facilities Use Fee)

Non-Pledging Members – with reception: $325 ($150 Organist, $50 Altar Guild, $75 Reception Committee, $50 Facilities Use Fee)

There is no fee for the clergy, but a separate donation on the order of $200 may be made payable to the Rector’s Professional Expense Fund.

To Consider Before You Apply
1.    We believe that marriage is a lifetime commitment of love and care.
2.    We understand that the Celebration and Blessing of Marriages in the Episcopal Church are services for the worship of God. We understand that the music, decorations, etc., must be appropriate for the worship of God at the discretion of the priest.
3.    We understand that the celebration will be conducted according to the liturgy according to the liturgy authorized by the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church 2012.
4.    We understand that the marriage and its celebration must comply with the canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Olympia, and the policies and practices of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.
5.    We agree to all fees listed in this application and understand that the Celebration will be cancelled if the fees are not paid by the date they are due.
6.    We understand that, if either one of us has been married before, the Marriage Celebration cannot take place until the consent of the Bishop of Olympia is given. The same is true with legally binding domestic partnerships.
7.    We understand that preparation sessions will be involved, and that the number of sessions will be determined by the priest. We agree to make time for the sessions during the priest’s available working hours.
We understand and accept the conditions above.
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